You will find e-learning modules about pig farming on this website. Please check below to see what is on offer. We offer you the modules on behalf of partners from the agricultural education and agricultural business sectors. You need to register first for access to use these modules.

E-learning modules on offer


1: The farrowing house

The module titled 'The farrowing house' will take you through the entire process of preparing the farrowing house, farrowing, suckling and weaning the piglets.

2: The management of breeding sows

In the module titled 'The management of breeding sows', you will learn how to achieve optimal insemination results and to organize the best care for in-pig sows.

3: Piglet rearing

Becoming accustomed to different feed and a new environment, and regaining a ranking order position in the group are all factors that affect a good start to a piglet's rearing cycle. In this module, you will learn how to achieve that

4: Finishers

A week with no growth means missed kilograms of production. Efficient feed conversion and good healthcare are two of the many criteria for a successful round. In this module, you will learn how to realize the best results.

5: Replacement gilts

A successful pig farmer keeping sows keeps a critical eye on things and strives for improvements. Good working conditions, accurate planning and record keeping are prerequisites for a well-thought-out sow unit. In this module, you will learn how to achieve the best results.

6: The pig farm and the surrounding environment

The Netherlands is densely populated and it is a challenge to run your pig farm in harmony with the local environment. Societal, public health and environmental factors influence your business. How do you deal with those matters as a pig farmer?